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The term "edge protocol" refers to the Direct messaging communication method between a Health Information Services Provider (HISP) and it's edge systems (e.g. EHR systems, payer systems, pharmacy systems). HISPs typically support multiple methods to simplify integrations across a broad range of partners. Updox offers three methods:

  • 1. Updox APIs
  • 2. SMTP
  • 3. XDR

The Updox API method provides the most flexibility since Updox provides services beyond Direct messaging (e.g. faxing, patient portal, patient payments, scheduling, reminders, email, texting, blast messages). The Updox Interactive API Guide is located at: https://updoxqa.com/api/newio

The SMTP and XDR edge protocols are supported by all certified HISPs. To use these methods, the edge system also needs to implement their side of the edge protocol. The implementations guides are located at:

During your integration, your Updox representative will discuss the options and help you select the method best for you.